About The Seedling

logoAn attractive women checks into a hotel for a liaison with a young man. There, she chooses between destruction and salvation, both for herself and the man she loves.

"The Seedling is a powerful film.  It skillfully explores the hidden powers that rule, and all to often destroy, the life of those snared by emotional trauma.  Love, desire and cyclic dysfunction drive a story elegantly captured by director Chris Ross Leong and his crew. Jacqueline Ann Finch and Dwayne C. Ladd have produced an important and captivating film." 

Alan von Kalckreuth

"As a former law enforcement detective, I found "The Seedling"  to be a brilliant short film, which uncovers the dark side of it's subject matter, yet still shows that there is hope and help to overcome such a tragic ordeal. Again, a Brilliant work! "

Thomas L. Smith


We are proud to present to you THE SEEDLING.

This film was inspired by the writer’s own journey to healing and freedom, and from the producers’ intention to shed light on the often-hidden world of generational incest and the abuse of minors. To that end, we have been fully endorsed by America’s leading charity for rape, abuse and incest survivors, RAINN (www.rainn.org).

At the moment, THE SEEDLING is entered into the Cannes International Film Festival, and we will also be present at the non-competitive Cannes Short Film Corner. Many other festival entries and screenings will follow. DVDs of the film will be distributed to donors and victims, and also to the relevant organizations and support workers.

You can also assist in our mission by donating to The Seedling, which, under the Filmmakers Alliance, is a 501(3) non-profit corporation (assuring that all donations are 100% tax-deductible,) to raise funds for our endorsing charities and for the furthering of our mission.

Thank you for your support and we welcome your feedback.



Illumination Light Productions is dedicated to making films of a transforming
and uplifting quality with the specific intention of contributing to human condition in a positive manner.

In business since 2007 and located in Los Angeles, CA, ILP has three full length feature films in development and last year had the short film ANGLE at The Cannes International Film Festival. More information available at www.illproductions.com

Its co-partners are Dwayne Ladd and Jacqueline Ann Finch.  ILP has affiliations with various major and independent production companies, attorneys, studios, and creative talents.

ILP is always looking for bright and positive people to work and expand with including angels and investors.

The seedling production has partnered with Stansbury Studios, and the Film Makers Alliance. 

Illumination Productions supports filmmaking that is both spiritual and revolutionary & films with meaningful content and pledges to dedicate 10% of ILP profits, to charities that help the human condition.

ILP is committed to working with all who desire to use media in a positive,
uplifting manner. We also believe in the positive and powerful effect of prayer.
To that end, we offer America’s leading charity for rape, abuse and incest survivors, RAINN (www.rainn.org) as a support tool for visitors to our website